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Phoenix Networks and Design can help you build a custom tailored solution for your server hosting needs. Using the latest in technologies, a server can be built to your specifications, and hosted in our colocation facility.

Recommended Equipment:

Sun Fire X4100 Server
The Sun Fire X4100 server is 1.5 times the performance, 1/3 the power consumption, 1/4 the size, and 1/2 the price of comparable 4-way Xeon servers.

Watchguard Firebox X Core Firewall Security Appliance
Firebox® X Core™, our flagship line of Unified Threat Management appliances, gives you strong protection from the moment you turn it on. Powerful, yet easy to configure and manage, it inspects traffic flowing into your network at multiple layers to proactively block DoS and DDoS attacks, viruses, spam, worms, spyware, trojans, and blended threats without relying on signatures.

Fully model-upgradeable, the Firebox X Core lets you easily increase performance, capacity, and security networking functions as your needs grow. Add popular security services such as gateway antivirus, intrusion prevention, anti-spyware, spam blocking, and URL filtering with the purchase and activation of simple license keys. Every Firebox® X Core™ model integrates:

3Com SuperStack 5500
The new 3Com® Switch 5500 family of premium stackable switches delivers maximum levels of security, convergence features, and intelligence required by the most demanding advanced enterprise networks.

These next-generation Layer 2/3/4, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet switches can be deployed at the network edge, for distribution, or small core switching. They offer flexible and scalable connectivity for a heterogeneous mix of data, voice, video, and other business-critical services and are particularly suited for building highly available and resilient architectures.

Visit this page for more information about our phoenix colocation services.



  Perfect for Video and Media Streaming

Why? Our connectivity assures the lowest latency, and the most overhead for even the demanding task of streaming video and media. With 21 gigs per second and growing, our network has the capacity to ensure delivery of your streaming video and media hosting needs.

Couple that with our Smart Routing technology, and our network offers the fastest delivery time possible.





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