phoenix, arizona colocation services and server hosting. high availability, premium multi-homed bandwidth in a redundant facility with guaranteed bandwidth offers the latest in security for your business. By providing disaster recovery and planning services in Phoenix, Arizona we can offer business continuity planning for your enterprise or business. Create off-site backups and redundant networks with Phoenix Networks. Be prepared by placing contingency solutions in Arizona.
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Disaster Recovery and Planning Solutions


Why Phoenix, Arizona for disaster recovery and planning? By placing redundant critical applications in Phoenix, Arizona you are ensured peace of mind. Arizona is not affected by earthquakes, floods, fires, tornadoes, or hurricanes. This is why some of the nation's largest companies have their headquarters and facilities here: boeing, lockheed, raytheon, motorola, intel, google, and more. This is why Phoenix, Arizona is the nation's leading location for disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

The need for disaster recovery and business continuity planning has been highlighted recently by the continuing rapid increase in the dependency of business on technology and the series of headline-grabbing, thought-provoking disasters witnessed in recent years, caused by and including power failures, fuel shortages, storms and floods.

As these disasters occupy prominent coverage by the news media, the senior management of virtually every company and governmental entity needs to consider and plan for the prospect of a disaster interrupting their operations.

Yet the cause of the disaster condition is more often a localized occurrence which can have a deceptively great impact on a company or organization. It is these more common occurrences which happen to an individual company rather than an entire area, that activate companies to plan beyond the point of "what if" to a more proactive "how can we prepare for this type of thing happening again" approach.


What can Phoenix Networks do for you?
  • Determine threats
  • Identify weaknesses
  • Implement solutions for prevention
  • Create a disaster recovery plan
  • Create an emergency resource guide
  • Create continuity plans

  • Phoenix Networks can give your company reassurance that in a worst-case scenario, your business will not skip a beat. Using our services such as off-site backups in our secured and guaranteed facility, phoenix networks can offer services that will ensure that your critical applications will always be working. Using our state of the art Phoenix Colocation facilities, Phoenix Networks can offer cage space, private suites, and more.

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    Disaster Recovery Planning is creating a guide and set of actions to take in the event of an emergency. From thefts, floods, and fires, a disaster recovery plan will ensure that your company and your employees are prepared.

    Business Continuity is to ensure that your business will not only be ready for a disaster, but able to operate in its full capacity without skipping a beat.

    For example: In a flood situation, disaster recovery and planning would be ensuring that all employees are safe, that precautions are made and that operations can be resumed. Business continuity planning would have made sure that your files and data and critical operating applications were backed up and now ready for use so that your business can continue without interruption.






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    Phoenix, Arizona disaster recovery planning and guide solutions. designed to ensure business continuity in the event of flood, fire, theft, earthquakes and more. These solutions will ensure that emergency and disaster preparations are in place. Thats why more businesses choose us for Phoenix Disaster Recovery and Planning. We are the Southwest's premiere colocation provider in Phoenix, Arizona. Ranked the highest in

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    , Phoenix Networks offers high speed business internet as well as multi-homed carrier neutral colocation services. We offer

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    , server hosting, and dedicated server hosting for all businesses. Further more, as a colocation service providers we can offer managed, dedicated servers, half racks, and full cabinets.. We also offer the latest in Phoenix, Arizona disaster recovery preparation, planning and business continuity practices by ensuring your company is ready.